Monday, February 16, 2015

More Place Value and FREEBIE

Hey y'all. This week, we are all about comparing numbers. Time is always tight in my class since I only have a half day with them each day. I tried to do my best to come up with fun activities while they are still learning. 

I will talk a little about this and about that. 

1. Comparing numbers caper

I modified the activity from First Grade W.O.W. She has so many great ideas. And since it is winter, I created the winter version of the comparing numbers caper. 

I print out the snow flake templates and laminate to use later. I made a trail for them with 100 as the first number and 1000 as the last number. I'm teaching three digit numbers now. But if you are having smaller numbers, just change the range. Students roll three numbers and record their numbers on the snow flake with the least to greatest order in mind. They super loved this game.

Then they have their own worksheet to complete. Click the picture to download the FREEBIE.

2. Comparing numbers Tic-Tac-Toe. Simply pair up students and give each student a dry-erase marker. Ask them to roll three dice each and compare. The player with the greater number can mark a circle or X as whatever s/he chose. Play until one player get three in a row. If you don't want your students to mark on your desk, simply use a Tic-Tac-Toe mat. Super easy activity!

3. Fortune teller. My kids love love love the fortune teller. I remembered that this is what I was playing when I was a kid. I don't know if they will love it or not. But fortunately, they love it so much. I didn't locate the original resource, sorry. I cannot share it with you. But just an idea. (with word problems in it)

4. Blog design. I started my blog design weeks ago and I'm addicted to it. I love to make my blog prettier and prettier. I customized my own blog and here is one of my teacher friends' blog. 

5. The Art of The Brick. Just want to share with you the Lego Show. It was an amazing experience. It's at The Franklin Institute at Philadelphia, PA. 

6. Happy Valentine's Day. This is my first ever Valentine's experience at an Elementary School. I love how kids share their love and kindness with each other. It would be a valuable experience for me. Happy Valentine's Day. Teacher, You Rock!

As a first year teacher, I'm also touched when a parent reached me and said my child was totally changed and being optimistic because of you. I will conclude this post with my tears. See y'all, dear teacher friends. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and enjoy school.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A little about Money and FREEBIE

Hi friends,

I'm back to blog on this beautiful Tuesday evening. 

I didn't blogged about money activities yet. So sadly that I didn't take pictures. I just brought a little about money for you.

The very first thing we did is sorting coins. I gave them each a bag full of coins and they need to sort them. Early finishers need to count how much they get. Then I showed them my money posters that they can refer to. It is a freebie from my Money Mania unit. Grab it now!

We also did the activity from Step into second grade. This spinner is super fun with different levels. 

This is a little about money. See y'all.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Even and Odd FREEBIES

Hey, y'all. Happy Saturday. I'm so glad that I survived this week. It was a crazy week. We had our PBS Winter carnival celebration on Monday and PBS Pep Rally Kick-off Assembly on Friday as well as early dismissal on Friday. Huhhhh, that's a lot. 

All right. I'm still in Place Value to 1000 this week. This week, we learned odd/even, place value and comparing numbers. 

I would love to talk about odd/even activities. 
1. As you know, the Chinese New Year is coming. I used several items using on Chinese New Year to introduce odd and even concept. You may click here or picture to download my Power Point file.

2. I used my life-size hundred chart and post-it notes to review how to decide if a number is odd and even. I printed on post-it notes. Ok, what's on it? For example, I put "4 tens, 2 ones" on one post-it note and put "4 tens, 3 ones" on another post-it note. I gave each of my child a sticky note and ask them to figure out their number first and then put their numbers on the hundred chart. It will show a pattern because I print odd numbers on blue notes and even numbers on red notes. 

3. We are ninjas. 

I also included the ninja picture in my Power Point Slide. I put the even and odd apples from The Bubbly Blonde all around the room. We have two teams. One team is searching for odd numbers and the other is searching for even numbers. They are ninjas so they cannot speak. They will search for them and put it in the odd or even circle I made from Hula Loops. No pictures, sorry. 

4. I close our learning by holds-ups. I gave each kid a red and a blue card. Red is even number and blue is odd number. I call out a number and students will hold up a card to give me the answer. Super easy assessment.

5. Centers.

I pulled out several kids that are struggling with the concept and gave them some activities from Step Into Second grade. Here you go. She has so many great ideas and freebies here

 I also played this game with them. It's from First Grade A La Carte.

Thanks Amy Lemons for your pictures. I did not take any pictures here. 

Huhhh, that's a lot. Finally, I have a freebie for you. 


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Place Value Fun

This week my kiddos are really having some Place Value fun. I found they have a sense of hundreds already before I introduced it. So I just keep them more interactive with kids and can play with their hands.

1. Drawing on their tables is always their favorite. We used dry-erase markers to draw place value mat on tables. Since I'm short of base ten blocks, I just asked them to draw models when I said a number. They definitely loved it.

2. Marshmallow Fun. When I took marshmallows out, they could not wait to ask: Can I eat? Of course in Chinese. That's super fun. They will firstly build a place value mat using marshmallows and toothpicks. I will call out a three-digit number, and they will make the number using Froot loops (they smell good). The original ideas are from Abby's Marshmallow Math And then I made my own Chinese version. Please let me know if you need my Chinese version. 

3. Bull's eye was also a hit. They love to draw their own mat and use it. They also asked to bring it home after we were done with the activity. The original idea is from What the Teacher Wants.

4. A simple activity we played when I'm trying to test their number sense. I asked my kids to write three numbers on each index card. I will call out "make the greatest number", "make the least number". They will make numbers according to the requirement. I also tested their odd/even sense by asking them to make even and odd numbers. Since we are learning in Chinese. It is a little bit difficult for them to do odd and even. 

5. I'm learning. I'm learning sketching on iPad these days. I used the app named Paper and bought the 53 stylus pen. It was so much fun. 
That's all for my Place Value fun post. See y'all next week.