Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When I Was Five

I'm currently a Chinese immersion teacher. Right now, I do not follow any curriculum for Chinese Literacy teaching. I will see what my kids need to know but don't know how to express themselves. This week, we are all about When We Were Five. 

When I Was Five is a book I found on Amazon that I feel would really benefit my kids. We did an oral presentation on self-introduction not long ago. I found that my kids love to say this is when I was a baby, or this is when I was four. I really hope they can say the words that time. But better late than never. 

I love the story so much. It talks about a six-year-old boy reflects on what was special to him last year and what he particularly like this year. Although last year he wanted to be a cowboy or an astronaut, this year the boy wants to become a baseball player or a diver. And while he now has new favorites when it comes to cars and dinosaurs, his best friend last year is still his best friend this year. as he says, "Some things never change."

Here is the video that I showed to my parents. If you would love a copy without English subtitle, just email me or comment below. I would be happy to email you one.