Monday, December 14, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Presents

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year! Yeah, Christmas is finally upon us. That means Winter break also! Hooray! Are you currently decorating your house? Are you busy with grading and mid-year assessments? Alright, at this moment, I would like to share some Christmas fun with you guys. Here comes my 12 days of Christmas Presents series. So much FUN is coming!!! Brought to you by Chinese Thoughts.

Alright, guys, start from today, we will have one FREEBIE posting every day in our TPT store for your guys to grab. That's 12 freebies total! Huuuuuge! You will want to go to our store each day to grab it, or you can also wait till the end of 12 days to grab all. Just do not forget! I know. I always forget at the last minute or so. Keep in mind: if you don't grab it at the end of the FUN, 12 freebies will no longer available. They will be priced in my store. So grab it EVERY DAY. I mean it! 

DAY 1 posted: Ornament Shower. Get yours in my store RIGHT NOW! Click the picture!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kindergarten Number Practice

Hey y'all,

Calling my Chinese teacher friends! I finally created a Kindergarten resource for you. I have lots of FUN when making it! Yeah! I love kindergarten!

Students can use this set to practice their counting skills from 1 to 10 and their Chinese character writing skills after introducing 1 to 10. I included some scaffolding for their writing. There are several activities included:


Students can count how many eyes each monster has and use googly eyes to represent it. Perfect way to practice counting and also learning Chinese characters on the pictures. 


Now it's time for practicing Chinese characters. Use dry-erase markers to trace Chinese characters on those pictures, super easy and FUN!


Oh My! It's finally my turn! My kids would say that! Lol. They need to count how many eyes each monster has and write down the Chinese character in the box. Scaffolding rocks!


It's practice sheets finally. Two versions included. First is just tracing Chinese characters. Second one is like an assessment sheet. Students need to count and write!

What a FUN packet! I am in love! Snag it now with a discounted price!

Bye, guys!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Place Value & a Freebie

Hey y'all,

Monday Monday, I love Monday~! Hope you enjoyed your Monday so far. 

I've been working very diligently these days and finally my Craving for Place Value unit is on my TPT. Yeah, I'm so proud of myself. I've included English & Chinese versions for my bilingual teacher friends. It's a huge unit with more than 120 pages. 

Let me introduce this huge monster to you.

Preview first!

Here are the activities I've included in this huge unit. 

*Place Value Posters
*Place Value Mat
*Base Ten Concentration
*Base Ten War
*Marshmallow Fun
*Target It
*Dice It
*Place Value Puzzle
*Place Value Buddies
*Guess It
*Spin It
*Make a Match-freebie
*Place Value Flapbooks
*Place Value Pocketbooks
*Comparing & Ordering

My students also had fun using them in whole group, centers, or independent work.  

Comparing & ordering

Target It

Marshmallow Fun

Last but not least, I have a freebie for you from the huge unit. If you like it, you may consider buy the full set. Lol. 

Click here or the picture below to snag it. 

Finally, I have a giveaway on my facebook page. Go there and snag one. 

See y'all then.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to school poster series

Hey Y'all,

Long time no see. Where am I doing these months? Why didn't I update my sweet blog? How's it going? Well, I have a big big secret to tell. That is -- I'm expecting a baby girl, and she's due on November. Well, I know, I know. Time flies, right? Here's a picture of me. :)

All right, and I know-back to school is over. It's not the right time to introduce you my newly added poster series. But who knows, you can update your classroom anytime, right? 

First, thank you for your support on my calendar series. I hope you guys enjoyed them. Click the picture to see what's there. Chinese & English versions are include.

And here's a freebie for you.

Then, here goes my newly added poster series. I love to use those in my classroom. Made for myself. Thought that I could also share with you. No worries, my Chinese teacher friends. I made all sets in English & Chinese version for you. 

1. Number posters

2. Shape posters

3. Color posters

Well, peace out! For now!

Wait, wait, I am not finished. I'm right now working on a Place Value unit for 2nd grade teacher friends. Stay tuned. There will be a Giveaway or Freebie~ I don't know yet. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When I Was Five

I'm currently a Chinese immersion teacher. Right now, I do not follow any curriculum for Chinese Literacy teaching. I will see what my kids need to know but don't know how to express themselves. This week, we are all about When We Were Five. 

When I Was Five is a book I found on Amazon that I feel would really benefit my kids. We did an oral presentation on self-introduction not long ago. I found that my kids love to say this is when I was a baby, or this is when I was four. I really hope they can say the words that time. But better late than never. 

I love the story so much. It talks about a six-year-old boy reflects on what was special to him last year and what he particularly like this year. Although last year he wanted to be a cowboy or an astronaut, this year the boy wants to become a baseball player or a diver. And while he now has new favorites when it comes to cars and dinosaurs, his best friend last year is still his best friend this year. as he says, "Some things never change."

Here is the video that I showed to my parents. If you would love a copy without English subtitle, just email me or comment below. I would be happy to email you one.


Monday, February 16, 2015

More Place Value and FREEBIE

Hey y'all. This week, we are all about comparing numbers. Time is always tight in my class since I only have a half day with them each day. I tried to do my best to come up with fun activities while they are still learning. 

I will talk a little about this and about that. 

1. Comparing numbers caper

I modified the activity from First Grade W.O.W. She has so many great ideas. And since it is winter, I created the winter version of the comparing numbers caper. 

I print out the snow flake templates and laminate to use later. I made a trail for them with 100 as the first number and 1000 as the last number. I'm teaching three digit numbers now. But if you are having smaller numbers, just change the range. Students roll three numbers and record their numbers on the snow flake with the least to greatest order in mind. They super loved this game.

Then they have their own worksheet to complete. Click the picture to download the FREEBIE.

2. Comparing numbers Tic-Tac-Toe. Simply pair up students and give each student a dry-erase marker. Ask them to roll three dice each and compare. The player with the greater number can mark a circle or X as whatever s/he chose. Play until one player get three in a row. If you don't want your students to mark on your desk, simply use a Tic-Tac-Toe mat. Super easy activity!

3. Fortune teller. My kids love love love the fortune teller. I remembered that this is what I was playing when I was a kid. I don't know if they will love it or not. But fortunately, they love it so much. I didn't locate the original resource, sorry. I cannot share it with you. But just an idea. (with word problems in it)

4. Blog design. I started my blog design weeks ago and I'm addicted to it. I love to make my blog prettier and prettier. I customized my own blog and here is one of my teacher friends' blog. 

5. The Art of The Brick. Just want to share with you the Lego Show. It was an amazing experience. It's at The Franklin Institute at Philadelphia, PA. 

6. Happy Valentine's Day. This is my first ever Valentine's experience at an Elementary School. I love how kids share their love and kindness with each other. It would be a valuable experience for me. Happy Valentine's Day. Teacher, You Rock!

As a first year teacher, I'm also touched when a parent reached me and said my child was totally changed and being optimistic because of you. I will conclude this post with my tears. See y'all, dear teacher friends. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and enjoy school.