Monday, September 14, 2015

Place Value & a Freebie

Hey y'all,

Monday Monday, I love Monday~! Hope you enjoyed your Monday so far. 

I've been working very diligently these days and finally my Craving for Place Value unit is on my TPT. Yeah, I'm so proud of myself. I've included English & Chinese versions for my bilingual teacher friends. It's a huge unit with more than 120 pages. 

Let me introduce this huge monster to you.

Preview first!

Here are the activities I've included in this huge unit. 

*Place Value Posters
*Place Value Mat
*Base Ten Concentration
*Base Ten War
*Marshmallow Fun
*Target It
*Dice It
*Place Value Puzzle
*Place Value Buddies
*Guess It
*Spin It
*Make a Match-freebie
*Place Value Flapbooks
*Place Value Pocketbooks
*Comparing & Ordering

My students also had fun using them in whole group, centers, or independent work.  

Comparing & ordering

Target It

Marshmallow Fun

Last but not least, I have a freebie for you from the huge unit. If you like it, you may consider buy the full set. Lol. 

Click here or the picture below to snag it. 

Finally, I have a giveaway on my facebook page. Go there and snag one. 

See y'all then.

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