Monday, October 26, 2015

Kindergarten Number Practice

Hey y'all,

Calling my Chinese teacher friends! I finally created a Kindergarten resource for you. I have lots of FUN when making it! Yeah! I love kindergarten!

Students can use this set to practice their counting skills from 1 to 10 and their Chinese character writing skills after introducing 1 to 10. I included some scaffolding for their writing. There are several activities included:


Students can count how many eyes each monster has and use googly eyes to represent it. Perfect way to practice counting and also learning Chinese characters on the pictures. 


Now it's time for practicing Chinese characters. Use dry-erase markers to trace Chinese characters on those pictures, super easy and FUN!


Oh My! It's finally my turn! My kids would say that! Lol. They need to count how many eyes each monster has and write down the Chinese character in the box. Scaffolding rocks!


It's practice sheets finally. Two versions included. First is just tracing Chinese characters. Second one is like an assessment sheet. Students need to count and write!

What a FUN packet! I am in love! Snag it now with a discounted price!

Bye, guys!