Sunday, January 11, 2015

Calendar Notebook & Freebie

January is a fresh start for me. I started a new morning work routine with my second graders. I used one week to introduce and practice every single page with them. Now they are quite used to it and are able to finish each page on their own. 

This is the cover page. I named the book "Nice to meet you" in Chinese. I want them to see them every day and of course happily. 

First several pages are student calendars. They will write the date on the page and color it. Today is January 9th. Just write down 9 and color it. That's easy!

How many days in school is also included. They will need to color the number. 

From then, I used sheet protectors to make them usable for later. Just erase and write with a dry-erase marker. 
I also included Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow in one page, as well as telling time. I believe that over time, they will master the elapsed time easily. 

Then what is a must is Number of the Day. I have double digit and three digit number versions. I also included skip counting at the bottom of the page. 
Why it is 82? Because there are 82 days in school for them. 

Besides, I also have Problem of the Day, which is a bonus for me. I will write the problem on my white board in advance. When they enter my room, they are already there. They will use their favorite strategies to solve the problem, and write the fact family house. I also feel balancing equations is a must since my kids are struggling with it. Practice makes perfect!

Skip counting is also a must! I have skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. 

I finally blogged about it. I'm so excited to also offer a freebie for you! Both English and Chinese versions are included.  Number of the Day

Click the image below for the whole notebook. 

English version

Chinese version

That's it for today. See y'al.